Meet our School Counsellor

Caroline Clarke-Wooster studied for a BSC in Psychology and Health Science, graduating in 1995, and then trained as a Counselling Psychologist, graduating with an MSc in Counselling Psychology in 1999.

Since 1995 she has been working with children and young people in various different settings. She started off working at the acute end and has worked in psychiatric units, family centres, children's homes and young offenders' institutes. Over the last ten years Caroline has been working in schools and in private practice, with both adults and young people.

I particularly enjoy the fact that constant contact with young people has enabled me to see the world and how it has changed, through their eyes as well as my own adult eyes. 

I am a great believer in giving people the skills to build resilience and with that in view I offer mindfulness training on a voluntary basis in school. Mindfulness is a buzzword at the moment; it is recommended by NICE as the key way to prevent relapse into depression and also to help cope with stress and anxiety as well as chronic pain. In other words it is a great preventative skill.

We really hope that all pupils will always be very happy at school, but sometimes they won't. If things do start to wrong, if they feel upset or lonely, hurt, confused or out of control, then there are many of us on hand to help or simply to listen.