A calendar of events allows students to enjoy as much, or as little, organised activity as they choose. 

The only compulsory weekend during the school year is the very first one in the Michaelmas term, where we run a full programme of activities for boarders and it is really important that they are all here to get to know each other.

On any other weekend, boarders are free to leave after their school commitments are complete on Saturday, and provided all the necessary parental permissions have been received. However, the majority of our boarders choose to stay.

After a busy week, Sunday is a chance to relax and catch up. Breakfast is replaced by brunch, which is provided from 10:30 to 12:00, and is an extremely popular meal. A trip runs every Sunday, which might be climbing or mountain biking, or possibly a cinema trip or laser quest. New trips are suggested by the boarders' council, and the list changes regularly to accommodate their wishes. Of course London is just 30 minutes away by train, and as long as parents have given their permission, Sixth Form boarders are allowed to spend the day there.

In addition to these routine trips, and access to the full programme of whole school trips and activities, there are a number of special events for boarders. These might include International Evenings, Valentine dinners, inter-house football and basketball, inter-house quizzes, tutor group dinners, theatre trips and overnight camping trips, to name just a few.