A traditional building in a beautiful setting

Johnsons has been a boarding house since 1927, and is now home to over 50 boys and staff who are very proud of the oak-panelled building and beautiful gardens. Originally a family home, it was presented to Sevenoaks School by Charles Plumptre Johnson, one of our kindest benefactors.

I think we are more than just boarders – we are a very tight community. Certainly the most enjoyable thing I've done in my life so far!

Year 11 boarder

The boys in the house are aged 13 to 18 and approximately half come from outside the UK, so it's a very globally diverse house. With around ten boys in each year group, the atmosphere in the house is homely and caring and everyone respects one another. The boys are very proactive in organising formal and informal events for everyone to participate in.

The Housemaster, Mr Sébastien Coquelin, who teaches French at the school lives in the house with his wife and three children. The Assistant Housemaster, Mr Edward Kirby, teaches Biology and also lives in the house. 

Housemaster, Mr Sébastien Coquelinsac@sevenoaksschool.org