A home from home

Boarders are always proud of their houses, whichever one they belong to. Our boarding community is large and well-established, and our well-appointed boarding houses are imaginatively managed.

Six boarding houses cater for pupils from ages 13 to 18: Aisher House, Johnsons and School House for boys, and New House, Park Grange and Sennocke House for girls. The International Centre and the Girls' International House cater for Sixth Form students. Our boarding provision begins with Year 9, therefore we do not offer boarding for Lower School pupils (Years 7 and 8).

Our houses are friendly places. In each one, there is an allocated quiet time for homework every evening, but outside this other Sevenoaks students are very welcome, and the kitchens are always a hub of activity. At Sevenoaks the boarding community is truly international, with up to 30 different nationalities represented in each house. This means that the friendships established can provide a global network for the future.

One great thing about being a boarder is socialising with the other houses. I think we are more than just classmates; we are a very tight community. I would say that coming to Sevenoaks has been the best decision of my life.

Year 9 student

The Houses

Aisher House
Girls' International House
The International Centre
Park Grange
School House
Sennocke House