Staying healthy is a key part of boarding life

The welfare of our boarders is vital, and at Sevenoaks there is a large team dedicated to just that.

The on-site Health Centre is staffed by qualified nurses and is open every day for advice, support and treatment. A doctor visits each weekday to see those that need it while for more specialist services Sevenoaks is well equipped and London is within easy travelling distance.

Each boarding house has a matron. Their responsibilities are wide, although health and wellbeing is the primary one. House matrons will book medical appointments and accompany children if needed, look after any boarders who are unwell and in bed in the boarding house, and liaise with the Health Centre team on any medical matters. Matrons also arrange end-of-term transport, and many other jobs that help the house run smoothly. They are a key part of our boarding team.

Food is just as important. Our boarders eat together for breakfast and supper, and with the whole school community at lunch. This allows us to offer a greater variety of menu choices. Breakfast always includes fruit, cereal, toast and a cooked option, while supper includes soup, four choices of main course including at least one vegetarian option, choices of dessert including fruit and yogurt and a salad bar. Special diets including medical, religious and cultural can be arranged if needed. Termly surveys of the whole boarding community plus weekly feedback through the Boarders' Council ensure that student requests are taken into account. Boarding houses are also stocked with essential items, such as bread, milk, cereal and fruit. Boarders are permitted to cook in the house kitchens at weekends, and many prove themselves to be very enthusiastic bakers!

We don't serve 'school dinners' here, we make food to fill the stomach, stimulate the mind and soothe the spirit!