Boarding Stories

Sevenoaks School currently has seven boarding houses which offer a fun, comfortable and busy environment. Below are stories from the students who have experienced boarding at Sevenoaks with details of their personal favourite elements of boarding life.


Life in the International Centre

"I know that if I ever missed my time in boarding, I could always go through the tunnel, up the hill and across the field to that (really big) red-brick house that I will always call my home." 

Read Yuan Wong's story about his boarding experience at the International Centre here.

Life in Sennocke House

"It’s the great admiration we have for our Housemistress and Assistant Housemistress. They are always there for us. They can give advice in pretty much anything concerning your academic, co-curricular and pastoral life and when times are tough."

Read Sofia Melamed's story about her boarding experience in Sennocke House here.


Life in GIH

"From our lovely Housemistress’s passive-aggressive, ‘It’s 8:30, get up you lazy toads,’ which my roommate and I often hear when our five-minute snooze turns into a 40-minute lie-in, to our weekly movie night as part of the Saturday ritual, or even to our daily Waitrose hoards, there are so many little things that make boarding at GIH special. I can safely say that I have thrived here and often tell my parents that this was the best decision I could have made."

Read Lucie de Marigny Lagesse's story about her boarding experience in GIH here.