The Sevenoaks Boarding Ethos

The school aims to provide its pupils with a happy and secure learning environment. Sevenoaks hopes to furnish its boarders with a structured, relaxed, consistent and friendly home in which to develop into young adults, full of self-esteem, with a developed sense of responsibility and a deeply held academic rigour. It is our belief that young people thrive on high expectations and plenty of justified praise. Our many boarding staff are genuinely conscientious, committed, caring and approachable.

We expect our pupils to:

  • be courteous
  • be respectful of others and their environment
  • be supportive of others
  • be tolerant
  • show a commitment to all that they do
  • play an active part in the school community

Communication is the key. We encourage our pupils to speak up about anything that is of concern to them. They are made aware of the channels of communication open to them at the beginning of the academic year. Parents must feel free to contact House Staff at any time about any matter.

The Tutoring System

Housemasters/Housemistresses, their Assistants and the resident and non-resident House tutors are all tutors for boarders in their respective houses. Every pupil in the school is allocated a tutor. A personal tutor has two main functions:

  1. he/she oversees academic and extracurricular progress.
  2. he/she is another 'listening ear' for them, and can help them deal with problems or concerns.

Tutorial support is integral to boarding life

We have very high expectations of all our boarders, but we don't expect them to meet those expectations without support.

Each Boarding Housemaster or Housemistress leads a team of academic tutors. Each boarder is assigned a tutor, someone who can keep an eye on progress, help them make good subject choices, manage workloads, seek help or even just be a listening ear. All tutors are members of our academic staff, so they understand the demands of this environment.

Boarders see their tutors at least once a week in the boarding house, and also during the school day. In fact, the evening and weekend duties in the boarding house are shared between the academic tutors, so there is always someone available for help.


Communication between school and parents and carers is a key contributing factor to a successful boarding experience.

Any academic matters are best addressed to your child’s tutor, who will work closely with the Boarding Housemaster/mistress (BHM). Other issues could be addressed to either the tutor, or the BHM, as you feel is most appropriate.


Each house has either a matron or two matrons who share this role between them. Matrons work with the BHMs to ensure the smooth running of the house. The matron is on duty during the day in the house. The matron’s role is a wide one, although a key part is to look after the health and welfare needs of the students. Matrons have daily contact with the Health Centre. If a student is unwell, they will make sure that they are looked after in the house, and that medical attention is sought when necessary. Matrons also arrange dental appointments, and will hold the hands of nervous patients if asked! They will chase lost luggage, arrange taxi transfers at the beginning and end of term and order and monitor house food stores. In short they have a large responsibility for the domestic arrangements of the house. Matrons are not resident but have close contact with the boarders on a day-to-day basis. They can be contacted directly by phone or email.

Sevenoaks School is committed to creating an inclusive environment for students, parents, carers and staff. If you need this statement in a different format, please contact the Admissions team: