Medical provision at Sevenoaks School

The Health Centre is situated on campus next to Claridge House and is open during term time.

Our highly qualified medical team offers a wide range of medical and nursing services in a friendly, caring and confidential environment.

The health and wellbeing of your child is paramount and we aim to deliver the highest possible standard of care and health education.

The Medical team

School Medical Officer Dr Edward Foulkes
School nurses Mrs Georgina Barton, Mrs Donna Bowen, Miss Sarah Gibbs, Mrs Louise Mason
School Counselling team Led by Caroline Clarke-Wooster
Physiotherapy team Based at Manor Clinic in Sevenoaks
Administrator Miss Louise Wilden

Opening hours and services

The Health Centre is open 08:00-17:00 six days a week during term time, and offers an 'open door' policy for boarders and day pupils during these times.

The Nurse Team provide an out-of-hours telephone support service for boarding staff during term time. Doctors' surgeries are held daily 08:00-09:00 Monday to Thursday and a lunchtime session 13:00-14:00 on Fridays.

Boarding pupils are registered with the School Medical Officer Dr Lyons as NHS patients based at Amherst Medical Practice in Sevenoaks. Nurses also have access to doctors at Amherst Medical Practice for emergencies needing immediate medical care. Day pupils must remain registered with their home general practitioner.

We offer:

  • A confidential counselling service for pupils, providing therapies for a whole range of issues affecting young adults.
  • Immunisations in line with the Department of Health immunisation schedule. 
  • Comprehensive travel advice and vaccinations. 
  • Management of sports injuries, minor injuries and illness. 
  • Care of pupils with specific medical needs such as diabetes, asthma, allergies and anaphylaxis.

We encourage pupils to understand their disease process and recognise where they may be at greater risk.


School counselling provides a safe place with a qualified professional to help students.

Our lead counsellor is Caroline Clarke-Wooster

Managing conditions

In order for us to give the best possible care to your child it is important that you inform the Health Centre of any changes in health condition at any time, especially if your child has been in contact with any infectious illness.

If your child requires medical assistance or sees a specialist during the holiday period, please ensure any relevant information is sent directly to the School Medical Team as soon as possible.


It is important that as a school we maintain 'herd immunity' so we advise that all pupils should be up to date with all their childhood immunisations as per the UK schedule before starting at the school. A checklist is available on the NHS website


All medical information about pupils is confidential, whatever their age. School doctors and nurses have professional obligations with regard to confidentiality. In accordance with these, medical details about pupils, regardless of age will remain confidential. Consultations with the school counsellor are similarly confidential. On occasions, it may be necessary for the Health Centre staff or the counsellor to pass on information to parents or housemaster or housemistress or other key staff where the safety of a pupil or other pupils may be compromised, or where there is a statutory duty to report. Wherever possible, information is passed on with the pupils consent.

Contact us

We welcome communication with parents. If you have any concerns about the health and wellbeing of your child, please discuss it with the Medical Team.

Direct line: +44 1732 467707 (best to contact after 09:00)