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Sevenoaks School is committed to the wellbeing of pupils and staff, through our wide range of educational opportunities for pupils and cpd for staff, our sense of community and common purpose, and our support structures. We aim to build strong partnerships between families, pupils and school to enable us to develop the wellbeing of pupils.

Wellbeing includes:

  • Emotional – a sense of optimism, self-worth, achievement, compassion, purpose and an ability to respond effectively to the emotions of others and oneself, having a sense of purpose
  • Psychological – a sense of autonomy, resilience, engagement
  • Social – having supportive and satisfying relationships, able to connect with others in a range of settings, having a set of moral values

Wellbeing enables us to:

  • make the most of opportunities offered or sought
  • develop coping strategies for when inevitable challenges arise
  • contribute to our local and wider community

Wellbeing is developed through:

  • a range of learning experiences
  • independent and team work
  • quality relaxation time
  • physical health
  • effective techniques to manage stress

Please find below some documents, links and content that you may find useful:

Information for parents: Relationship & Sex Education and Health Education

Understanding what is covered in lessons and where to get more information as a parent.

Please click here for a document on Relationship & Sex Education in schools issued by the Department for Education. Relationship and Sex Education Policy

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