IT and Innovation

The school's use of technology promotes innovative learning by digitally confident students, inspired by skilled and creative teaching.

We promote secure and sustainable use of technology, with first-class systems for communication and administration. Our ambition is to react to digital transformation globally and in the workplace, preparing students for their futures.

Our Digital Strategy will remain dynamic to accommodate changing technologies, with the Institute of Teaching and Learning exploring potential for new technologies that promote innovative learning, without reacting to short-lived trends.

The Technology department encourages innovative thinking and learning. The Firefly learning platform is a part of daily life. Students' homework is available online after lessons, along with lesson resources and extension materials. Apps for personal mobile devices make this easier for students to track.

Computing suites, drop-in PCs and iPad sets offer a wide range of subject-specific software and apps around school. Students connect their own devices to WiFi for study, research and leisure. A wide range of online library services, including JStor, help develop students' independent research skills.

Digital communications give parents fast, reliable information about their child's academic progress, school events, sporting activities, and more. Our aim is to extend this range of services so parents can participate more widely in school activities, no matter where they are in the world. Wireless networking gives everyone instant, reliable internet access across the campus. Web filtering by content, time and age is constantly reviewed by Pastoral and IT staff for flexibility and fairness.

We actively promote the use of Positive Online Profiles by students to start developing reputations for life for themselves, the school and others.

Our IT Service department maintains a reliable, secure network, with front-line help and advice for users.

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