Calendar and Key Dates

Our school calendar is available online to view here, and events can be added to your own personal calendars. 

The school year has a certain rhythm, and to help parents appreciate the timings and key points in the calendar, we have an annual overview of the academic year, by year group. 

Key dates for the year are also listed below: 

Term Dates

Michaelmas term 2018

Tuesday 28 August Staff Preparation Day 1
Wednesday 29 August Staff Preparation Day 2
Thursday 30 August Pupil Induction Day
Friday 31 August Beginning of Term
Saturday 22 September No Saturday School
Friday 12 October  Half Term begins
Saturday 13 October Sixth Form Entrance Exam ONLY
Monday 29 October School Recommences
Saturday 24 November No Saturday School
Thursday 13 December  End of Term
Friday 14 December Staff Meetings & Christmas Lunch 


Parents Evenings and Information Evenings during 2018/19

Important Parents’ and Information Evenings during this year


Michaelmas Term 2018

Thu 1 Nov 19:00 IB Choices Evening for Current Year 11 Pupils and Parents
Thu 15 Nov Y11 Mock Examinations (to approx. 23rd)
Wed 21 Nov 19:00 Year 10 Information Eve for Current Year 9 Pupils & Parents
Thu 22 Nov 18:30 U6 Parents’ Evening (with students)
Mon 3 Dec 18:30 Y7 Parents’ Evening

Lent Term 2019
Mon 14 Jan 18:30 Y11 Parents’ Evening (with students)
Mon 21 Jan 18:30 Y9 Parents’ Evening (with students)
Thu 31 Jan 18:30 L6 Parents’ Evening (with students)
Mon 11 Feb IB Mock Examinations (to approx. 2 Mar)
Mon 4 Mar 18:30 Y10 Parents’ Evening (with students)
Mon 11 Mar 18:30 Y8 Parents’ Evening (with students)


Summer Term 2019
Mon 6 May IB Exams start
Fri 10 May L6 Internal Exams (to 18 May)
Mon 13 May Y10 Internal Exams (to 18 May)
Fri 24 May U6 Leavers’ Ball
Sat 25 May U6 Leavers’ Day
Sat 29 Jun Founder’s Day



Please note these dates are subject to change at any time. For the most up-to-date timings, please refer to the online school calendar

2018/19 term dates 

2018/19 boarding dates

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