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Advice to Parents: Homework

The point of homework is:

  • To encourage a lifelong love of learning 
  • To set the expectation of an independent work ethic
  • To support learning in the classroom
  • To allow teachers to assess progress and plan effectively
  • Please be aware of the expectations of students and support them in managing their time carefully and sensibly. 
  • Understandably, many parents will wish to monitor their child's homework, and perhaps help them with it. However, it is generally agreed that the positive effects of homework are lost when the parent plays too large a part in the planning or execution of homework. 
  • The most helpful thing for parents to do is to ensure that the pupil has sufficient space in which to work, that distractions are kept to a minimum, and that pupils do not get into the habit of spending too much or too little time on homework.
  • Most effective is when parents work alongside their children on their homework, whatever this might be. This sets a good example and fosters a good attitude towards independent work.

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Curriculum booklets

The following booklets outline the school curriculum throughout the school and may be of interest to parents. 

Year 10 and 11 Curriculum at Sevenoaks: A booklet detailing the academic curriculum for Years 10 and 11. A booklet explaining the International Baccalaureate and subject options in the Sixth Form.

The IB at SevenoaksA booklet explaining the International Baccalaureate and subject options in the Sixth Form.  

The Middle School Diploma: A short booklet giving details of the bespoke Middle School programme which takes into account the ways in which academic, intellectual, personal and emotional qualities are all interrelated.

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