14 March 2016

Oxford v Sevenoaks 25yds shoulder to shoulder match

Sevenoaks shooters defeat Oxford University in a shoulder to shoulder match.

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Sevenoaks competed against Oxford University recently in a shoulder to shoulder match. Having some form behind you can be a dangerous thing; it can lead to complacency. Oxford also know to be wary of us having suffered a few defeats at our hands in the past. Despite the healthy rivalry between these two teams, camaraderie overflowed and we knew we were in for a jolly afternoon.

It turned into close-fought match. Oxford gave it everything and every one of our shooters could not afford to lose their focus. Gabriel and Cecilia did what they needed to and once more Gabriel achieved the highest score in the match. David Edmondson also shot well above his average and Anastasia proved her return to form. Albi was back in the mix having suffered back problems and kept our score range tight. It made the difference and together they achieved a convincing win by 23 points.

Superb B team performances from Ivan and Charlotte are also to be commended; our second string have got better and stronger with each match. They too will be a force to be reckoned with. A third big scalp this term – fantastic stuff!

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