09 February 2019

Oxford and Cambridge Information Evening

A hugely insightful and encouraging evening, demystifying the Oxbridge application process for pupils at Sevenoaks and other local schools

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Sevenoaks School hosted its annual Oxbridge Information Evening on Thursday 7 February 2019 for Sevenoaks and local schools. The aim of the event was to give current and reliable information about applying to both Oxford and Cambridge and to demystify the application process.

An audience of over 350 included Sixth Form students, parents and staff from Sevenoaks School, Tunbridge Wells Girls Grammar School, Wilmington Grammar, St Gregory’s School, Tunbridge Wells Boys Grammar, Highstead Grammar School and Hillview School. An outstanding presentation was given by Dr Mark Wormald. Senior Tutor at Corpus Christi College, Oxford, and Richard Partington, Senior Tutor and Senior Admissions Tutor at Churchill College, Cambridge.

The evening was extremely helpful in providing prospective applicants with excellent advice about the best way to prepare for an application to the universities of Oxford and Cambridge. The message was clear – excel in your academic studies, think analytically as you read widely within your chosen subject area and demonstrate your engagement and passion for your subject in your application.

The engaging manner of the speakers was extremely reassuring for potential applicants. They demonstrated that the process is very human and that decisions are reached in a manner that tries to take account, as much as possible, of individual circumstances. Decisions are made holistically and the admissions teams are not trying to put up barriers or catch out applicants.

The universities are seeking to recruit students who are prepared to go the extra mile, who are intellectually engaged and who are prepared to have and defend their own ideas as well. For students in the audience who tick all these boxes, the event will have inspired them to go ahead and make their aspiration to study at Oxford or Cambridge a reality.

The audience benefited hugely from the insights given and we are very grateful to our speakers for sharing their expertise. We would like to express a big thank you to all our guests who attended.

The event was organised by The Institute for Higher Education and Professional Insight, Sevenoaks School.

Wendy Heydorn



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