14 May 2020

Over 1000 university offers

Sevenoaks School U6 students receive over one thousand university offers (2020)

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Sevenoaks School U6 students receive over one thousand university offers (2020)

Well done to Sevenoaks students on their very successful applications to university this year.

UK universities

From UK universities, 1036 offers have been made by 64 institutions to over 200 students. This is a significant increase in the total number of offers made compared with last year. 

We received 76 offers from UCL, 72 from Durham and 79 from Exeter, the three universities with the highest number of Sevenoaks applications. Warwick was also popular choice for Sevenoaks students this year, and we received 50 offers, while a growing number of students are drawn to the excellent Year in Industry schemes offered by Bath (34 offers) and Loughborough (23 offers).

High numbers of offers came from Imperial College London (29), Edinburgh (45) and St Andrews (30). In a highly competitive year for places at Oxford University, 17 Sevenoaks students received an offer from Oxford and 14 received offers from Cambridge.

US, Canada, Europe and Hong Kong

Students were also highly successful with their US and international university applications. This year, 47 students made applications to 68 different US colleges, making a total of 279 applications.

They received 101 offers, including 22 offers to the top 10 US universities and 46 to the top 20 US universities. We are delighted with these results, which include offers from Stanford (3), Harvard (1), Yale (2), UC Berkeley (6), Johns Hopkins (2), Chicago (5) and UPenn (3).

These are complemented with 11 offers from Canadian universities including 9 to the top 3 universities in Canada: the University of Toronto (4), the University of British Columbia (1), and McGill (4) and 2 offers from Hong Kong: Chinese University Hong Kong (1) and from Hong Kong University (1). Full details available here.

We congratulate all of our students on their excellent offers. As usual, the Higher Education Department and the whole of the Sixth Form team will be working tirelessly this summer to provide 2020 leavers with support, advice and guidance to ensure the optimum outcome for every single student.

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