11 September 2017

Outreach Boxes Scheme

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This month Sevenoaks Outreach launches its new Outreach Box scheme. This initiative developed out of conversations with primary schools around Sevenoaks and the local primary partnership. 

Expensive equipment like digital SLR cameras, 360° cameras, virtual reality kits, robots, digital microscopes etc can be perfect tools in the classroom, enhancing the learning experience. But for many schools with a limited budget and a small number of children on roll this can be out of reach. Even if a school buys this equipment it is likely to use it for just a short period of time for a couple of topics, before storing it for the next cohort. By the time some of the equipment is brought back out it is likely to be obsolete.

Through a generous sponsor we have been able to equip over 20 boxes with digital equipment to lend to schools, free of charge. Once the equipment is returned it goes straight back out to another school, so is in constant use by schools across Kent. One of our trial packs even got as far as a school in China last year, and has been used by over 4000 children, and we have many more in manufacture at Sevenoaks.

Shoreham Village School recently used our Virtual Reality (VR) lesson box and sent us some great feedback:

VRH is really good and one of my favourite things I have done in Year 4 so far. 

This equipment is also available to be booked by our staff for classes and more details are available here.

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