20 December 2016

Otford Primary School students enjoy a Digital Skills day at Sevenoaks

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Last week, we welcomed 50 year 6 students from Otford Primary School for a day of digital skills. The students experienced 4 individual sessions (and a Christmas lunch!), throughout the day. The four sessions included: 

1. An hour of code (Programming) – BBC Micro:bit2.Computer aided Design and Manufacture (using our laser cutter) – they designed and made 3D Xmas tree decorations3.Discrete electronics (Arduino circuit building)4.Modern technology, Virtual reality, Augmented reality and Mixed reality (using the HTC Vive and the Microsoft Hololens)

The students were inspired and excited by their experiences on the day, especially the virtual reality and the 3D laser cutters. Some quotes from the students included:

‘It was a truly inspirational experience however not for the faint-hearted due to attacks on your brain from Virtual Reality’; ‘It was extraordinary and I’d never done anything like it in my life! ‘; I loved being able to design something and then actually make it on the laser printer’; ‘As soon as I entered Sevenoaks School, I was plunged into a world of creation, fantasy and discovery’ ‘

Thank you to Graeme Lawrie, and the Design Technology department for hosting the day. 


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