Year 9 Classics trip to Bath

An enthusiastic group of Year 9 students spent three days in Bath and the surrounding area during half term, to learn about Roman life in Britain. Our first destination was Caerleon Roman legionary fort, where students dressed up in armour, experienced life in a Roman barracks and were treated for headaches by an authentic Roman military doctor.

We also visited Chedworth Roman villa and Corinium Museum in Cirencester to learn about the daily lives of different types of ordinary citizens in Roman Britain. Our final day was spent in the UNESCO World Heritage Centre of Aquae Sulis – the Roman religious and bathing complex in Bath. Students were able to put their classroom studies in context and consider the importance of Bath as a centre of healing and worship for both Roman citizens and local Britons alike.

These visits, combined with some excellent food and a cinema trip made for a really enjoyable trip for all. The Somerset countryside looked beautiful in the autumn sunshine, and the rain in Wales gave students a clear insight into what Roman soldiers might have suffered when serving in the province of Britannia.

Chris Taylor

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