Swimming success 29 January 2018

Kent County Swimming Championships 2018 results

Sevenoaks students continued their success at the second weekend of the Kent County Swimming Championships. Congratulations to the following:

Elspeth Watson
Silver 200m backstroke
Silver 200m freestyle
Bronze 100m backstroke

Louis Hayes
Junior Cup (U16) men’s 100m butterfly
Gold 100m butterfly
Silver 100m breaststroke

Ellie Vowell 8th 200m front crawl; 8th 100m front crawl
Emily Brown 12th 100m backstroke; 17th 200m backstroke; 15th 100m front crawl
Rob Allen 13th 100m breast stroke

Louis Hayes raced 100m butterfly three times to reach the open men’s finals and win the Junior Cup (U16) men’s 100m butterfly. This is only the third time an U14 has done this since 1964.  

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