IB Biology coursework

Over the first weeks of the holidays, 34 local students returned to the school to carry out experiments for their IB Biology coursework which they would have completed in the Summer term.

Students completed their internal assessment practical in the Science Centre with some students collecting equipment for fieldwork at home. As part of their coursework, each student must come up with a question which they will investigate using experiments which they design.

They designed an interesting range of individual investigations on many areas of Biology including microbiology, enzyme activity, photosynthesis, respiration in yeast, membrane permeability and rates of decomposition. One student also did an unusual investigation on the effect of SCOBY surface area on kombucha production and another on the effect of cigarette filter waste on seed germination.

In addition to teaching them valuable practical laboratory techniques, the Biology internal assessment allows students to develop their skills in research, creativity, problem solving, analysis and evaluation.

Allowing these students to complete their work in the holidays means that some pressure will be eased on students (including those who are not able to come in, since they will have more space in the Michealmas term), technicians, teachers and resources. Thank you to those teachers and students for giving up their time to come in. 

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