Year 11 Projects

Over the last two weeks, as part of their enrichment programme, Year 11 students have been working on independent or group projects designed to foster a spirit of independent intellectual curiosity. Students opted for a variety of projects, some went back to formative learning experience from the last two years and developed them, others set about learning something new.

In our project showcase on Friday afternoon, we enjoyed watching presentations on a range of topics including the science of personality, the Cuban Missile Crisis, disability and ableism in school, bioluminescence, understanding 3D software and the science of black holes. There were also more personal and expressive projects in the form of an original album of songs, a play, and a story with multiple endings.

It has been such a pleasure to see students engaged in learning about topics and issues that are of independent interest, as well as see their peers and members of staff so enthusiastically listening to each other. To see students so passionately engaged in their work and that of others is truly inspiring, and a reminder, perhaps, of what real learning looks like.

Mark Beverley, Director of the Institute of Teaching and Learning

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