World Book Day - Eduspots collection

To celebrate World Book Day on the 5 March, we launched a book and sustainable resources collection across the school, the Sevenoaks primary  schools network, and across the local community. 

We were delighted at the support we received, given the challenging circumstances, including a large donation from Brighton College and various EduSpots partners. We were pleased to receive over 5000 books alongside numerous educational games and other resources. This included 1120 primary fiction books, over 2000 secondary-level fiction books, 64 dictionaries and encyclopaedias, 420 reference books and box full of African fiction and non-fiction. A Lower Sixth pupil team also raised a further ¬£1000 through organising 3 Black Panther movie, pizza and popcorn nights, to enable us to buy much needed African fiction and text books in Ghana. 

Many of these items are now in a shipping container on its way to Ghana, where they will be divided and passed onto EduSpots 40 community-led education centres. Local volunteers are connected in a network across the country and also supported with phonics training and creative literacy development. Other appropriate books (including some great children's foreign language story books) will be used in new outdoor libraries for two local primary schools.

Thank you to everyone that donated.

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