Upper Sixth Geography field trip to Slapton Sands

IB Geography students visited Slapton Sands in south Devon last weekend to study the dynamic coastal environment for their internal assessment (IA).

Slapton Sands is a gravel barrier beach in Start Bay on the south coast that is under threat from the sea. Students collected primary data to tackle their research question: Are the defences used to protect the Start Bay coastline appropriate?

Data collection techniques included beach profiling, bi-polar surveys, cost benefit and flood risk analysis, land value surveys and lithology studies. Data presentation and analysis techniques included GE graphing, Spearman’s rank correlation, Chi-square test, Mann-Whitney U-Test and choropleth mapping.

Slapton Sands also provided a syllabus case study of a ‘coast in conflict’ and students considered the causes, consequences and management of coastal erosion. One student said it was ‘a beautiful environment and a really useful trip.’

Paul Thompson

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