UKMT Senior Team Maths Challenge

Huge congratulations to our senior team who competed in the finals of the UKMT Senior Team Maths Challenge, coming 27th out of the 88 teams participating on the day.

On Tuesday 4 February, our group of four headed to London for the nationals of the Senior Team Maths Challenge.

Having spent a lot of time working on both our mathematical skills as well as our teamwork we were nervous but excited for the day. This was heightened by the fact that trains towards London were cancelled - but thankfully we got to the venue on time.

The day itself was very challenging and intellectually stimulating, but intensely rewarding and - above all - fun. We participated in a poster round which married Chemistry and Mathematics, then moved on to the group round before our lunch break. Following this, we had a crossword round and then the shuttle, which was followed by the relay: a team challenge involving a lot of maths but also running. The subsequent adrenaline rush made a very nice end to the day.

All in all this was a hugely enjoyable experience, not just because of the maths and problem-solving but also because we got to work as a team and develop new skills. It was also really interesting to see different approaches to the same problem - and of course, being in a room with the top mathematicians in the country was both nerve-wracking and exciting!

Ju Yi Tai, L6

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