Sport in the Summer term

In just one term of fixtures 92% of pupils in the Lower School have participated by representing the school, with 62% in the Middle School and 23% in the Sixth Form. 

Project 1000 is a drive to provide 1000 pupils at Sevenoaks School the opportunity to represent school teams over the course of the year. In the absence of inter-school sporting fixtures this year, we focused on increasing our participation levels through attendance at the 178 different sports coaching sessions that continued to take place outside of the schedule timetable Games and PE lessons.

Our whole school aim at the start of the year was to involve more than 75% of our students in sports coaching sessions and we were delighted to see that 880 students (76.32%) took part in the wide range of sports co-curricular sessions offered by more than 70 members of a staff.

The options available to students continue to broaden with the addition of wild swimming, archery, American football and indoor rowing into the program. We are now able to offer 23 different sporting options and hope that every student can find a sport that they develop a lifelong passion for.

Whilst we rightly recognise individual honours and achievements, it is also important to celebrate the exceptional commitment shown by many of our students who consistently attend training sessions throughout the week. These students sacrifice a great deal of their time to improve their performance levels in various sports and with continued application, we hope they will go onto achieve success in the future.

Below is a list of students who have attended at least 100 sessions this year.

Year 7 

Charlotte Bloodworth

Anjola Adekoya

Tom Eagle

Samantha Pinto

Salma Zidan

Nate De Meriveles

Caitlin Miller

Jessica Robbens

Kevin Fernando

Arthur Goodwin

Year 8 

Sebby Kent

Year 9 

Jack Eagle

Eva Matthew

Arturo Stephan

Frederick Smith

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