Otto's Sustainability Challenge

During the school's annual Green Week, Otto's Coffee House launched a Sustainability Challenge. Students were tasked to come up with an idea for the food manufacturing or food service industry that would significantly reduce the amount of unnecessary packaging that is currently produced. Students were also encouraged to get outdoors, carry out a local litter pick and analyse their findings to see what main culprits litter their local environment.

We received inspiring student responses to this open-ended contest and it was a close call for first and second place. Alexandria Pu’s entry impressed the judges with its breadth of consideration, clinching a well-deserved second place. Daniel Hadden’s positivity and creativity, which included building a prototype of a biodegradable seed cup, allowed him to obtain first place. Commendations went to Aikie Davoren, Amelie Geens, Camilla Eerdmans, Georgina Hadden and Sierk Eerdmans for their strong entries.

Sevenoaks students were delighted to meet Dale and Jack from Otto’s Coffee House to receive their prizes this week. Partnering with a company that has social and environmental impacts at the heart of its policies has provided our students with inspiration to act on these matters of utmost importance and empowered them to make a change in their community.

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