Book collection

Our service groups were busy this term sorting, stamping and packing thousands of books to send to meet requests across 42 rural libraries in rural Ghana. 

In these 42 communities, students have missed nine months of education due to Covid with no online provision; many students are at risk at dropping out of formal education. The network of local volunteers will use these books and resources, alongside many bought in-country, to distribute across the EduSpots network to run catch-up programmes at libraries and in schools.  

The shipment, sponsored by the Chalk Cliff Trust, contained 400 boxes containing over 20,000 books in total alongside a lot of great science equipment.  

This has been a brilliant partnership project with 12 schools and members of our local community involved. Thank you to everyone for your support. 

EduSpots is a UK and Ghanaian registered charity, with its UK base in Sevenoaks. It aims to connect, train and equip local ‘Catalysts’ to drive community-led change. Since 2015, the organisation has built or renovated over 40 community-led libraries projects or ‘Spots’ across Ghana and Kenya which enable students, teachers and community members to access educational resources, with many powered by solar, enabling learning to continue during periods of power outages. The organisation has distributed over 100,000 books and STEM kits, working in partnership with Book Aid International, Dext Technology and several Ghanaian authors. 

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