Student start-up reaches the F Factor regional finals

Enterprising Lower Sixth students Tiffany Lau and Roshni Agarwal attended The F Factor: Manchester Regional Final last week to present their start-up sustainable business idea, rePET, which was co-developed with Ryan Cherian (also L6).

The F Factor is the UK's premier start-up competition for ambitious young entrepreneurs using technology to solve the world's biggest problem, and Tiffany and Roshni were required to pitch their business idea among highly competitive opponents. In fact, they were the only team aged under 18 at the event, which took place on 30 April.

rePET’s business aim is the creation of a plastic vessel to provide sanitised drinkable water for individuals in less economically developed countries, for off-grid household purposes. By harnessing solar UV light for sanitation purposes (SODIS method) and incorporating the use of type 1 PET plastic bottles, they hope to provide a solution to the 844 million people experiencing the water sanitation crisis and respond to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals 6 and 12 UN.

Recently, rePET were also shortlisted as global finalists in the MIT Launch X Entrepreneurship Competition 2019, representing the UK.  

This was an extremely rewarding experience and Tiffany, Roshni and Ryan believe their passion and determination will enable them to further pursue this social enterprise. Since beginning the project last September their progress has been significant and we look forward to hearing more news from them!

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