Sevenoaks Climate Action Network

Chair of Sevenoaks Youth Council Katie Willis (Lower Sixth) addressed the inaugural meeting of Sevenoaks Climate Action Network, scheduled to coincide with the end of COP 26, to highlight key environmental priorities in the district.

 As a town Sevenoaks has a Youth Council, supported by our elected councillors, which includes local students from Years 7 to 12. We meet to discuss and share our ideas for the future. We recently talked about what we thought the main problems for young people in Sevenoaks are – and although many issues were brought to light, it is clear that climate change is a serious issue for us.

Sevenoaks School’s Green Week runs 22 – 26 November and there are a number of lectures and workshops organised for students to raise awareness of local and global issues regarding sustainability and to inspire students, staff and, potentially, members of the local community, to adopt more sustainable ways of life.

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