In November, a group of students and staff grew out (or tried to grow out) their moustaches to raise awareness and funds for the charity Movember. The school’s Movember team managed to raise an impressive £2,319 this year.

Movember aims to raise awareness for men’s mental health and suicide prevention, as well as the signs of both prostate and testicular cancer. Movember encourages men to speak out about their issues, and overcome the stigma surrounding this.

Taking part in Movember encouraged people to take part in conversations about men’s mental health throughout the school. Personally, I can say that in School House taking part in the challenge has encouraged my friends and I to feel more comfortable about coming to each other with our issues, and to ‘be a man of more words’. The Movember website,, also provides lots of resources regarding men’s mental and physical health.

I’m glad that so many people in the school took part in Movember this year, and I hope after this year’s success, even more are encouraged to join next year.

Ronan Hallinan (U6)

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