Mini Grimms: prep and primary schools drama festival

On Thursday 26 March, three local primary schools and a local prep took part in a junior drama festival, Mini Grimms’, in the Sackville Theatre. Around 70 KS2 children performed original devised material, based on Grimms’ Fairy Tales. Over the previous term, each school’s drama group had been mentored by Sevenoaks students who had visited the schools every Thursday afternoon to deliver workshops and help with rehearsals. The children really enjoyed working with older students and learnt a lot from the process of creating a project from scratch, to developing and performing it in front of the other children and their families. For the majority of the participants, this was also their first experience of performing in a proper theatre. The audience were hugely appreciative of the creativity and diversity in the programme, with superb individual and collective performances from each school.     

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