IB Art Exhibition on South Bank

Our Upper Sixth IB artists recently exhibited their work in London at the Oxo Bargehouse on London’s South Bank.

This is the third year we have opened the IB final exhibition to the public in London. The richness and flexibility of the gallery space offers students both challenge and opportunity in curating their work, and this seems to foster a further independence in how work is presented and interpreted.

As ever, technique varied, with painting, drawing and printmaking remaining popular avenues of exploration, installation, photography, collage and intriguing large-scale sculptures were also valued, underlining the ambition and independence of the students’ creativity.

In his introduction to the exhibition guide, Mike Fakih, Senior Director of Enrolment and Admissions, Parsons School of Design, Paris, wrote:

‘To walk into the IB Visual Arts studio at Sevenoaks School and to meet the students, whose art skills and work manifest originality, skill, passion and commitment, even if many of the students pursue higher education paths outside the general spectrum of art, is to understand that Sevenoaks School nurtures creativity and provides an excellent environment for interdisciplinary practices and critical thinking.’

Click here for photos of the work and private view
Click here for a 3D tour of the exhibition
Click here for our art website
Click here for the exhibition guide


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