I Am Dynamite! Sue Prideaux on Nietzsche

We were delighted to welcome Sue Prideaux to The Space recently to speak on Friedrich Nietzsche, as part of the school's academic enrichment lecture programme.

Author of I Am Dynamite! A Life of Nietzsche, a new revisionist biography on the influential philosopher, Prideaux gave a powerful and enlightening talk. I was fascinated to hear of a striking event in Nietzsche’s life, when he dreamed about his brother’s death shortly before his brother died from a seizure. This mystical experience was to haunt Nietzsche throughout his life and I think helps explain his drive to understand and solve the problems of the human condition.

Prideaux also showed the importance of Nietzsche’s aphoristic style in achieving his philosophical goals; as she pointed out, ‘There is no such thing as Nietzscheism,’ because Nietzsche wants us to think for ourselves, not to follow him. Following this enlightening talk, I have been compelled to reopen my copy of Nietzsche’s Genealogy of Morality with fresh eyes, so I might better understand Nietzsche’s thought with his personal and historical context in mind.

Matthew Sebastian, Upper Sixth

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