Solo Concerts

Any person who has had to present anything in front of a group of people will understand the nervousness with which youngsters experience when preparing for a performance.

The 30 solo concerts in ever year which the department presents include informal concerts in boarding houses of an afternoon.  These attract half a dozen or so musicians with little or no experience and are given in front of an audience of supportive parents and each other.  

More formal concerts are called ‘Platform concerts’ and take place in the Recital Room of an evening.  Students wear all black and, although they are a little more formal, are still open to all students.  

There are also jazz evenings, boarders’ concerts and gigs spread throughout the school year.

What I enjoy most about concerts is the chance to let the audience feel what I am feeling, to think what I am thinking, and to see what I see in the piece

Rachelle, Lower Sixth