Concerts at Sevenoaks

Presenting music that you have personally prepared as well as music that you have been working on with friends is one of the most enjoyable parts of musical activity.

The school puts on approximately 50 performances a year, which range from half-hour informal concerts for a handful of students in front of an audience of less than a dozen to orchestral and choral performances in the Pamoja Hall to an audience of 400 people.

Some of the larger concerts include Music at Sevenoaks, the William Sevenoke Memorial concert (formerly the Alan Adler memorial concert), Sevenoaks Swings and Crash into Christmas, while the many smaller concerts go under the name of Platforms: Singers' Platform, Middle School Platform and so on. There are also charity concerts, often student-organised, and one-off extravaganzas such as collaborations with Modern Languages departments or A Night at the Movies.