18 September 2019

Music Highlights

We’ve had an exciting beginning of term for music. Performances have included evensong at Magdalene College, Cambridge, and the Boarders’ Concert.

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Cambridge Evensong

The start of term kicked off with Sennocke Consort’s trip Cambridge to perform choral evensong in Magdalene College under the direction of Mr Chris Dyer. The three main works sung are Farrant’s ‘Hide not thou thy face from us’, ‘Nobel in A minor’ and SS Wesley’s ‘Blessed to be God and Father’. The consort wrapped up the trip by enjoying an Italian meal together.

Boarders’ Concert and Open Musicians Platform 

First concert of the year is opened by our boarders – they presented and organised the concert themselves, and it was fantastic to hear many different instrumentalists and singers performing and showcasing various musical talents. The evening’s performances range from solo songs to violin covers. From old time classics such as ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love’ to Bruno Mars. Click here for photos.

Following on from the Boarders’ Concert the excitement continues in the recital room the next day – Open Musicians Platform Concert was a success. Allowing our students to showcase their musical talents in a more chamber-like setting.

Night at the Movies Concert

Some upcoming concerts to mark down on your calendar:

Night at the Movies, on 28 November, will feature some movie soundtrack from our old-time classics played by our Foundation and Symphony Orchestra. Book here.

Also, the next informal concert will take place on 3 October. Stay tuned to our social media for more updates. 

Exams and Achievements over the Summer

The Summer break does not mean that our students put their music commitments on hold. It in fact allows them to participate in more musical opportunities outside school. In the last week of the Summer term, Music teamed up with the German and History departments to lead a new Interdisciplinary trip to Vienna.

The department is also very proud of two student achievements. Congratulations to Lachlan Edwards on winning the Royal College of Music junior department Ian Stoutzker Grade 8 Violin Prize. Congratulations also Meagan Fung, who delivered a beautiful performance of Chopin’s Ballade no.3, as part of the Young Musicians Series Tour in New York. 

With upcoming ABRSM exams a week from now, our students have been practising hard and rehearsing with their teachers. Good luck to those who will be taking music exams this term! 

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