Sevenoaks School Diploma

Throughout a student's time at school they will learn about themselves, about others and the world in a large variety of ways. Much of this learning will of course take place within classrooms; however, a great deal will also happen outside those walls - through the co-curricular programme, school trips and excursions, and the day to day encounters with peers and members of staff.

A more modern approach of education now takes account of the ways in 'academic', intellectual, personal and emotional qualities are all inter-related: what happens outside the classroom is just as important as what happens inside, and vice versa, because one influences the other in a very significant way.

The Sevenoaks School Diploma is a unique, bespoke programme, designed to take account of this way of thinking about the school curriculum. Students will be invited to see it as an opportunity to record many different elements of school life that can sometimes go unnoticed, but also to develop personal qualities and attributes that make them a more fully rounded person, and provide them with the means to learn more effectively.

The Diploma asks students to make formal record of their learning in the Middle School, both inside and outside the classroom. Provided they fulfil the core requirements, at the end of Year 11 they will be rewarded with a Diploma Certificate and a transcript that describes their journey through the Middle School years.

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Teachers rate soft skills more than good grades, TES article, August 2017

“I am delighted to see a school taking such clear steps to emphasise and celebrate crucial aspects of education, absent from performance tables but vital to a happy and successful life. The recording of achievements beyond the curriculum, and pupils' reflections on them, provide pupils with a substantial base of confidence and self-awareness to which they can refer for years afterwards.”

“Sevenoaks has shown, with its Sevenoaks School Certificates, that it can command the respect of pupils, parents and universities for the academic judgements that it makes about its pupils' work; they clearly intend to apply the same standards to their new Middle School Diploma."

Lord Lucas, editor of Good Schools Guide



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