10 October 2017

MIT Launch Club

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We have a new student led social entrepreneurship club which runs on a Friday afternoon, MIT Launch Club.

Students learn about business start-up by starting their own company. The top companies started worldwide will be invited to MIT in the USA, where they will pitch their idea to a team of experts. The students’ start-ups are based around this year’s theme, the environment.

Participating in the club gives students real, applicable hands on skills in business, as well as invaluable experience.

We see this as a proper opportunity to actually gather experience in the field of business and to work on a self-determined start-up. A business which we can shape using our collective vision. Some of us already have experience working for existing businesses and we very much like this field of work and would love to continue exploring it.

As can be seen in the world today, start-ups are the future. So many start-ups created during school and college time have gone on to change the world and our team would like to be part of that. The option of going to MIT and presenting our ideas to one of the best Universities in the world is an amazing option and a great motivator to work to our fullest potential as a group.


David Hofman, L6

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