12 March 2018


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The Lower Sixth production of Macbeth promised ‘Murder, Madness & Tyranny’ and it did not disappoint. What an incredible production! The audience was blown away by the professionalism of the cast and how every student was able to transform themselves into a new character which transported us into the dystopian world of Macbeth.

A unique aspect of the production was the projection of live footage onto a screen above the stage. This not only allowed everyone in the audience to see the all of the action unfold, but also helped create the haunting atmosphere. The filming was incredible and the camera crew, made up of students, should be very proud of their contribution to the production.

Additionally, the fight scenes that featured in this performance were shocking and incredibly realistic. When watching, it worried me how real the battles looked! The movements were so detailed and the choreography was quick and appeared effortless. I cannot imagine how long these impressive scenes must have taken to choreograph and practise and the physical theatre was nothing like I had ever seen before. The use of blood bags was very effective and the image of Banquo’s ghost, with blood dripping down her, was haunting and unforgettable.

The production also used different styles of theatre. There were countless funny moments within the play that helped to complement the more serious elements of the production. Ollie Lewis’s portrayal of the Porter was remarkable and his extraordinary dance to Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ was a favourite part for many in the audience, including me! The production also featured a line dance to ‘Footloose’ that was perfectly choreographed and highlighted the impressive collaborative work of the actors.

I cannot imagine the effort that went into creating this incredible production and a special mention must go to the students involved in make-up, costume and the set, all of which were breathtaking. They were instrumental in supporting the modern dystopian theme, which ran throughout, whilst still remaining connected to the Shakespearean era. The acting, both individually and collaboratively, was very impressive and I am excited to see what the future may hold for these exceptional actors.

Hannah Saint, Lower Sixth

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