30 August 2016

Local primary school children enjoy Science and Maths week at Sevenoaks School

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Over 80 local primary school children enjoyed the annual Maths and Science summer schools events at Sevenoaks School last week. The school has been hosting and running summer schools for gifted and talented pupils from local primary schools for a number of years, and this is one of its largest and longest running events in the school’s outreach programme.

This year 36 children took part in a Maths course, which ran for two days, and 48 in a four day science course. The children, from over 25 local Sevenoaks primary schools, were nominated by their school as they had a keen interest in the subjects.

On the Maths course, the children enjoyed interactive lessons on topics that many of the children had not seen before which they thoroughly enjoyed, and participated in some Maths games, including Chocolate Fix, Rush Hour, Logic Links and River Crossing. The children also worked on a Murder Mystery problem, culminating in them solving the clues and identifying the murderer on their final day. Overall it was a very successful programme and the children left with a fun and positive outlook on the subject.

In the science course, children took part in activities such as kidney dissection, separating dyes from M&M sweets, investigating colour change on acids and alkalis by using red cabbage, blackberries, radish peel and turmeric, learning about hydraulics & pneumatics by launching water rockets, and studying the preferred habitat and environment for flour beetles using choice chambers.

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One parent commented after the event ‘My son has, by his own admission, changed from someone who spends his time daydreaming out of the window in science lessons, to someone who loves science – it’s a triumph!’

Graeme Lawrie, Director of Outreach and Innovation at Sevenoaks School, commented ‘Science and Maths are two of the most important subjects for students, school leavers and for recruiting employers, and we are delighted that we can help inspire young people to enjoy these subjects and hopefully get excited by them! We love hosting this event each summer. The staff and Sevenoaks student helpers enjoy it as much as the primary school children.’

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