Return to sport during Covid-19

Welcome to our Sport during Covid-19 page, where we will provide regular updates on the programme that we will be offering our students. As the guidance changes we will be updating aspects of our provision whilst having the safety of our students and staff at the very forefront of our decisions. 

We will be aiming to offer the very best level of provision and make as many activities as possible available to all, in a safe and secure environment. 


We will be led by the Government guidelines and in turn the National Governing Bodies of Sport with whom we will work closely will influence the nature of each sporting activity. 

Communication with students

Every student will be sent a message via Firefly to explain the sports programme and the health and safety procedures in more depth and how to sign up for clubs.

Students will be given permission to come to school in school tracksuits on the days that they have sporting commitments to limit use of changing rooms.


Sport at Sevenoaks - Opportunity and excellence for all 

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