Online Learning in Action:

We are proud to share all the innovative ways in which our staff are delivering an oustanding digital learning experience, from live and recorded lessons and seminars, to nurturing creativity in our students. As these examples show, just because you aren’t IN Sevenoaks, it doesn’t mean you aren’t AT Sevenoaks.

Year 11 Individual Projects

Why Music Sounds Nice - Nick Leung


Coding a Double Pendulum - Jamie Elder

Jamie decided to code something called a double pendulum. A double pendulum is significant, because it is an example of what is known in mathematics as Chaos Theory. This means that you only have to change an input of a system a very small amount to create a wildly different outcome.

A History of Psychopaths - Dominic Williams

This presentation looks at a number of famous dictators/leaders who were known for their cruelty rather than kindness.  I will discuss whether they are psychopaths, what personality traits they demonstrated and the horrors they inflicted on people. Click image to view presentation.

Acting Like a Woman - Bella Munday

Click on the image to listen to the 3 podcasts. 


Your Teenage Brain - Isabella Osbourne

Click the image to view presentation.

Online Lessons


The Maths department have been finding unique ways to deliver their usual lessons to students. Here is an example of Mr Rhatigan teaching Voronoi diagrams in his garden (with a guest apperance from Mobi the dog).


To celebrate Shakespeare's birthday, Mr Niklas set students a challenge to create a traditional Elizabethan ruff at home and photograph themselves doing something dramatic or Shakespearean throughout their day. 

Physical Education

Mr Cullen has been recording HIIT fitness sessions for pupils, parents and staff to join in with at home.

Pupils have also been competing in inter-school virtual fixtures and enjoying online seminars and pod-casts from Sevenoaks staff and industry professionals. 

More information about our PE Department's distance learning provision can be found on the webpages below.

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