23 March 2018

Imperial Debating 2018

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Congratulations to Crystal Lee and Yasmine Kanaglingam, who were semi-finalists in the Imperial College Schools Debating Competition, having finished the first four debates of the day in 3rd place, while Anna Power and Gabriela Ivanova came 12th out of the 64 teams in the competition.

With only 15 minutes to prepare and no access to the internet, they had to prepare arguments on motions including: This house would make the weight of an individual’s vote inversely proportional to their wealth percentile (on a scale between 1 and 1.99) (i.e. the richest person in the country gets 1 vote, the poorest person in the country gets 1.99 votes) and This house believes that the narrative of meritocracy has done more harm than good for social mobility.

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