19 January 2016

Higher Education update

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219 Sevenoaks students applied to university this year, and made a total of 1,054 applications. So far over 500 offers have been made. UCL is our students’ most popular institution (104 students applied), followed by Durham University (91), and The University of Exeter (82). Oxford and Cambridge offers have been made to 35 students: 20 from the University of Cambridge and 15 from the University of Oxford. In addition, we are delighted that 20% of our students have applied to an impressive range of prestigious US universities. A number of students applied to universities in Canada, Europe and Hong Kong.

Our students’ most popular course choices continue to be Sciences, Medicine, Economics, PPE and Management; Combined Honours courses, too, are increasingly popular. The IB continues to be an excellent passport to university, across a range of disciplines.

Our Higher Education team continue to offer excellent guidance and support to all our students, and we are delighted that every year over 100 of our students receive places at the one of the top 10 UK Universities*. Even better, is the fact that Sevenoaks students in their first year at university invariably report how well prepared they feel, how confident about study, and with the IB, a few steps ahead.

(*Source Guardian University league tables 2015)

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