23 March 2018

Girls Like That

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The SSTC production of Girls Like That was put on by Old Sennockian Hannah Sands (OS 2014) and a small group of Lower Sixth in March. It was performed in the round in the Drama Studio to a full house, making it an intimate and immersive performance.

Evan Placey’s Girls Like That is an ensemble play exploring the pressures on young people today in the wake of advancing technology, making it a highly topical and current piece. The cast tackled this difficult and current subject matter with maturity and made it a powerful and hard-hitting show.

Despite the seriousness of the message, the play was incredibly entertaining and funny to watch. There were fantastic moments of humour and comedy that sent ripples of laughter through the studio. The energy, passion and enjoyment of the cast was palpable, and they were able to maintain focus and a high level of energy throughout.

One of my favourite aspects was the dance sequences that separated the action. The cast performed complicated dances to modern songs at points of tension, helping to maintain the play’s continuous energy and optimism. The skill and choreography of the dances was impressive, and it was clear the girls were enjoying themselves dancing to songs from Beyoncé to Little Mix, just as the teenage girls they were playing would have done.

After a performance to the whole of Year 9, the cast held workshops discussing and teaching the younger pupils about the dangers of the internet, and how to deal with bullying online and offline. This PSHE aspect of the production was a real strength as it further explored these significant and relevant topics an important in a fun and modern way.

Overall, it was a fantastic show that combined humour with a serious message in a powerful and enjoyable manner.

Holly Ingram, Lower Sixth

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