29 August 2018

Gifted & Talented Science and Maths Summer School 2018

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Last week, we welcomed over 80 Year 4 and 5 pupils from 18 local primary schools to our Gifted & Talented Science and Maths Summer School.

The Year 4 pupils spent four days on the Sensational Senses science course, where they took part in a range of interactive activities such as making perfume, balancing blindfolded and studying their fingerprints.

The Science Summer School is now in its fifteenth year. The course was developed for pupils with an aptitude for science, and aims to provide a real challenge to children in the district who have shown potential, and give them an opportunity to work together. 

The Mathematics Summer School is in its fourth year and is designed for pupils about to enter Year 6 as a way of enriching their knowledge. The Year 5 children on the two-day maths Code Breakers course had to break mathematical codes, solve puzzles and crack the padlock code to open a safe full of sweets.

One science summer school parent said: ‘My son has learnt so much during this week, and it has exposed him to science he wouldn’t have access to at primary school. It has been wonderful to see him so excited about learning.’

A parent whose child attended the maths course said: ‘It was two really great days of fun and exciting activities. My daughter had an absolute ball. The teachers and Sixth Form helpers were fantastic.’


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