01 April 2022

Francis and Albert Gomez: From Sevenoaks to Trinidad

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Always interesting and sometimes quite surprising, are the variety of ways Sevenoaks alumni have made their mark on world trends over the years. 

None more so than the part played in the development of the flavouring Angostura Bitters, an essential ingredient in many cocktails. Albert Gomez was one of the school’s first international students, a founder member of Johnsons and all-round sportsman whilst at the school; he went on to become the House of Angostura’s chief chemist and creator of some of the most well-known beverages associated with the brand. 

This article, kindly provided by Albert’s eldest daughter Jill Gomez, has been combined with research in the school archives and genealogy to create a fascinating tale of the impact a Sevenoaks education can have in the most unexpected but influential instance.

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