25 May 2016

Ffiona Rees from UCLA talks to L6 students about US universities.

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We were delighted to welcome Ffiona Rees, Senior Associate Director of International Recruitment at UCLA to the school this week. She met with a number of our L6 students, and some parents, to explain the admission procedure for UC schools as well as an informative overview of the UCLA university experience.

Due to the international composition and mindedness of the student body at Sevenoaks there is a high level of interest in applying to university overseas. 

Most students apply to the USA and Canada, but Hong Kong, Australia and a few European universities are also a source of attraction to nationals from certain countries. 

The growing popularity of the studying in the US is reflected internationally.  The 2015 Open Doors Report on International Educational Exchange found that the number of international students at US colleges and universities had the highest rate of growth in 35 years, increasing by ten percent to a record high in the 2014/15 academic year. 


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