Financial Assistance

Sevenoaks School has a long history of providing support to enable boys and girls to benefit from the outstanding education it provides. Currently 33 pupils are in receipt of free places, and around a further 28 are in receipt of assisted places. The school welcomes applications from able boys and girls who, for financial reasons, would not otherwise be able to attend the school.


At least five free places are available to applicants for day places in Years 7 and 9.  Families should have a gross annual income of £40,000 or less, and should have no other resources or capital assets that could be used to pay fees. Additional assistance is provided for trips and essential extras. Priority is given to those living in Sevenoaks and the immediately surrounding area. Applicants must satisfy the school's entrance requirements and demonstrate that they would make the most of the opportunities offered by the school.

If there is any funding remaining after providing for free places, assisted places might be available for other deserving candidates for day places whose families have a gross annual income of £100,000 or less.

Hardship Support

If you have a child already in the school and have suffered an unexpected change in circumstances which affects your ability to pay the school fees, please contact the Director of Finance as soon as possible to arrange a meeting and to initiate a discussion on the way forward. If short or medium term financial support seems to be needed the Director of Finance will ask a representative of the school to make a home visit and carry out a means test, the results of which will be used to either award hardship support or to further inform how the school can best help you through a difficult period.

Application Procedure: Your Next Step

1 Please come to one of our Open Mornings or Group Visits

These are held throughout the year, when students and their families are welcome to come and look around the school, talk to teachers and chat with existing pupils. Details are available here. If you would like to arrange an individual visit and talk about financial assistance please contact, as appropriate, the Registrar or the Sixth Form Registrar.

2 Complete the Online Application Form

The form is available here. The form should be submitted by the normal deadlines for an application for a place, which are:

11+ entry: 1 September in the academic year prior to the year of admission.
13+ entry: 1 October in the academic year two years prior to the year of admission.
16+ entry: 1 August in the academic year prior to the year of admission.

If, following means-testing, financial support is awarded, we will be happy to reimburse the registration fee.

3 Confirmation forms

Confirmation forms are sent to all registered applicants at the start of the admissions process. Please indicate in the area provided on the form whether or not you wish to be considered for a free or assisted place.

4 Means testing

Before the entrance test takes place a means test will be carried out at your home by a representative of the school. Please have available for inspection at the visit documentation that supports all your income and outgoings, assets and liabilities. If the means test reveals that inaccurate or incomplete disclosures were made during the financial support application process then the pupil will be withdrawn from the application process. Unsuccessful applicants for free places will also be withdrawn, although applicants for assisted places may continue with the application process if they wish. 

5 Offers of Financial Assistance

You will be notified of the outcome of your means test before your child sits the entrance test. You may be awarded a free place, an assisted place, or no financial assistance. Pupils in receipt of free or assisted places who are subsequently successful in any of the school’s scholarship assessments are awarded honorary scholarships. Free and assisted places are subject to annual review and are adjusted to reflect significant changes in parental circumstances.

Further Information

Open Mornings and Group Visits for Year 7 and 9 entry are held throughout the year, when boys and girls and their families are welcome to come and look around the School, talk to teachers and chat with existing pupils. If you would like to arrange an individual visit and talk about bursaries, please contact, as appropriate, the Registrar or the Sixth Form Registrar.