07 December 2018


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This week has seen the SSTC Year 10 production of Everyman in the Sackville Theatre, with some fabulous performances by the Middle School cast.

The play dates from around 1480 and is probably based on an older Dutch text, Elckerlijc. So it is almost as old as Sevenoaks School and espouses doctrines that were familiar to William Sevenoke, whose final ‘good deeds’ included founding the school and almshouses.

The protagonist, Everyman (Ollie Chugg) goes on a moral and spiritual journey exploring the consequences of self-centred materialism. He encounters a colourful ensemble cast of allegorical companions while Death (Nour Abdallah), Good-Deeds (Eloise Simpson) and Knowledge (Becky Caiger) lead him to question his life on the brink of death.

Jim Grant’s adaptation takes the medieval morality play to a more recent setting, underpinned by 80s and 90s music, contemporary costume and a 21st-century philosophical twist at the end.

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